West provides the expertise for cell and gene therapy packaging solutions that are required to protect high-value drugs and meet specialized development and manufacturing needs

Cell Therapies?

The use of live human cells to treat or prevent disease and/or repair or replace damaged tissue or cells

Gene Therapies

The use of genetic material to treat or prevent disease by fixing or replacing mutated genes

mRNA Vaccines?

The use of messenger RNA to prepare the body to fight bacteria, viruses or pathogens

Challenges in the Development of Cell and Gene Therapies?

Speed to Market

Many advanced therapies are receiving breakthrough designation status, which shortens development timelines. However, resource constraints within small-to-midsized pharmaceutical companies combined with multiple containment options to assess can make it challenging to get to market quickly.?

Regulatory Clarity

Because cell and gene therapies are a new and emerging field, the still-developing regulatory guidelines are unclear to companies working on these drugs. Agencies continue to issue guidance and staying ahead of anticipated changes is a challenge.

Specialized Packaging

It can be challenging to identify packaging materials that meet the high demands of advanced therapies. In addition to maintaining the sterility of drug, packaging must be able to maintain container closure integrity and demonstrate break resistance at low or cryogenic temperatures and facilitate high yield and drug recovery.

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Five Considerations for Cell and Gene Packaging?


Maintaining container closure integrity (CCI)

Cell and gene therapies are highly sensitive to temperature. They require ultra-low and cryogenic temperatures to maintain the integrity of the drug during storage and transport. The physical property of materials changes at extremely low temperatures, leading to loss of CCI or cracking upon thawing. It is critical to use packaging components maintain CCI across multiple freeze and thaw cycles down to cryogenic temperatures.


Protecting safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapies

Particulates, leachables and extractables can compromise the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapies. Packaging systems should be inert, not introduce particulate quality issues and meet the tightest industry material specifications and regulatory requirements. In addition, the packaging system chosen should be available in multiple sizes to support scaling.


Reducing loss of high value drug due to vial breakage

Cell and gene therapies are high-value precious drugs that often treat diseases that are rare, have very high unmet needs, or have limited treatment options. Each dose is upwards of hundreds of dollars. It is essential to use containment systems that are break resistant during the storage and transport at ultra-low temperatures and can deliver therapies without loss to the clinic for administration to the patient.


Container compatibility and recovery of drug?

A significant challenge in package selection is selecting a container compatible with the therapeutic. Cell and gene therapies are more likely to interact with surfaces than other types of molecules. It is very important to consider container material that will reduce product loss. The container should be inert, retain the functionality, recovery and protect the drug.


Analytical testing services

West has vast expertise and experience in extractables and leachables, particle analysis, container closure integrity, and performance and packaging/delivery systems. As a result of our understanding of materials and delivery systems and their compatibility with the drug product, we can assist our customers in designing studies and navigating the challenging and evolving regulatory landscape.

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